Vakantiehuis in Zweden Skåne

Welcome to our holiday home in Sweden

Since February 2012 we have lived in quiet Fogdarp, on the beautiful Bjäre peninsula, located on the southern slope of the Hallandsås in the northwest of Skåne. This ridge separates  Skåne from  Halland. 

Skåne is Sweden’s southernmost county.   Known as the granary of Sweden, it has a great diversity of landscapes, offering  extensive deciduous and coniferous forests, marshes, sandy beaches, rocky shores and wildlife. The region is richly coloured from May to July by its vast fields of coleseed.

We have a holiday home, we like to rent to people, who enjoy peace, space and beautiful scenery.  It offers its guests, to enjoy the region's beautiful scenery and nice beaches in seclusion. It is also ideally situated for trips to the nearby towns of Båstad, Torekov, Ängelholm and Mölle.


Bjäre has varied surroundings and a beautiful coastline, with many small beaches and rock formations. Its great diversity, scenery and beautiful colors, especially in Summer and Autumn, have inspired many glass artists and painters.

On the north side of the Hallandsåsen lays the province of Halland, known for its salmon smokeries, with Laholm, Halmstad and Falkenberg, where fly fishermen like to try their luck at the local wild salmon.

Vakantiehuis in Zweden beekje
Zuid Zweden kustplaats Mölle
vakantiehuis in Zweden rotskust Kullaberg



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